Dr. Jervette R. Ward is an Associate Professor of English at Mississippi State University. She is the editor of Real Sister: Stereotypes, Respectability, and Black Women in Reality TV (Rutgers University Press, November 2015). Her research and teaching areas focus on American Literature with an emphasis in African American Women's Literature. She has taught and published on Zora Neale Hurston, the addition of the African American characters to the Dick and Jane series, and Black women in reality television. Dr. Ward is the Vice President and a life-time member of the College Language Association (CLA). She also is a member of the Executive Committee of the Modern Language Association (MLA) Languages, Literatures, and Cultures African American Forum. She earned the rank of Associate Professor with Tenure at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and she earned her Ph.D. in English – Literary & Cultural Studies from The University of Memphis.

"As serious as her scholarly interests are, Ward is not stuffy. Raised mostly in Mississippi as the oldest of five siblings, she’s gregarious and her laugh is infectious. Giving a party? Put her on the list.  She loves cooking, travel and magazines. She’s passionate about Pinterest and home decorating. She can spend a weekend rearranging three baskets in her entryway to get them just right. Her dissertation adviser at the University of Memphis used to joke about her obsession: 'If this Ph.D. thing doesn’t work out…you can always decorate houses, starting with mine.'" 


                                          -- Kathleen McCoy, Alaska Dispatch News

Photo Credit: Philip Hall/University of Alaska Anchorage

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